Here’s a small selection of poster designs I’ve worked on throughout the years. Working with various mediums including illustration, collage, photography, digital art and screen print design, these posters have appeared in various publications and public spaces. The NXNE 2013 poster features an adaptation of a photograph by Jesse Upton, the Feist poster features the posterized print of an official UMG photograph, and the Greg Keelor poster features an old photograph provided by Greg. The Hand Drawn Dracula 15 year Anniversary poster for the HDD label showcase was also accompanied by a featured interview with Exclaim Magazine.

Hand Drawn Dracula 15 Year Anniversary Interview with EXCLAIM Magazine :

Before there was the label, there was the aesthetic. James Mejia, Toronto indie label Hand Drawn Dracula’s founder, was a graphic desinger, whose work with Wintersleep had earned him a JUNO Awards nomination for Recording Package of the Year — a success that snowballed into work with other big-name Canadian artists.

Eventually this led Mejia to release Wintersleep’s 2007 album Welcome to the Night Sky on vinyl at a time when other labels weren’t pressing on wax — and, with that, Hand Drawn Dracula was born.

Flash forward 15 years and the Toronto label has become a Canadian indie music institution. As the company marks the anniversary with a show at the Garrison on December 15 (with a lineup featuring Beliefs, Tallies, Bonnie Trash, Michael Peter Olsen and DJ Vallens), we spoke with Mejia about watching the Breeders from side-stage, hearing his own voice on a Beliefs record, and figuring out how to run an indie label without losing all his money (or his mind). ~ By Alex Hudson —— READ THE EXCLAIM INTERVIEW