I sometimes create a logo or title fonts for an album design that end up being used for various marketing assets throughout a project’s campaign… from the posters, the banners, and t shirts, to the social media posts and videos. Some favourites include Tallies’ “pill” logo, Bonnie Trash’s “black metal” logo, and the Interstellar Rodeo branding.

The Hand Drawn Dracula (HDD) logo in particular was fun to design as a collaboration with local comic book illustrator Steve Manale. When I first started the label in 2008 I asked Steve to send over some ideas that the name of my then brand new label inspired. The name itself, Hand Drawn Dracula, was inspired by pulp and sci-fi comic book artwork and Steve delivered an amazing character design that was immediately placed into HDD’s very first release going out to the manufacturer that very day. Wintersleep’s “Welcome To The Night Sky” was the only time the logo appeared in that first design iteration. I adapted Steve’s original vampire comic book character to the branded anaglyph 3D design that has appeared on every HDD project ever since.