Having worked with Brian Borchedrt on some of his early projects, Trephines and The Reamins of Brian Borchertd, I enthusiastically championed his solo electronic work that saw Brian experiment with sound using an old film editing machine he acquired from the set of a production he was working on at the time. He performed these audio experiments at some of my art shows at SPIN Gallery in Toronto under the moniker of Holy Fuck, initially as a solo performer and again when Holy Fuck grew to include a full band with Graham Walsh (Etiquette), Kevin Lynn (King Cobb Steelie), and Glenn Milchem (Swallows, Blue Rodeo). I worked on the art direction and designs for the project’s first five release, including logos, package design (7″, singles, eps, cds, vinyls), website designs, print and digital ad-mats, banners, various merch, tour posters, and even their Polaris Music Prize poster. I also ventured into photography, which I usually only incorporate as an element in my work. So it was nice to see all these photographs I took of Holy Fuck appear in newspapers around the world, and published in books and magazines including UNCUT, Art Forum, and Rolling Stone.